About AdvertCharger

AdvertCharger is a premium range of universal chargers for portable electronic devices, designed for use in public spaces. They are used by cafes, bars, libraries, hotels, hospitals, betting shops and universities to keep their patrons, happy, charged and relaxed.

AdvertCharger modernizing your venue and making your visitors happier. They also attract new customers and retain them longer.

AdvertCharger is great customer service. Send us your company logo or advertising artwork after placing your orders and we will customize your AdvertCharger for you.

AdvertCharger provide the main charging cables: Apple Lightning (iPhone 6, 6 Plus, iPad Mini, iPad Air), Apple Legacy (iPhone 4, iPad earlier versions) and Micro USB (Samsung, LG, HTC & more). Providing these three cables means the charge station caters for virtually all smartphones

AdvertCharger is operated by Laro Power Limited. Laro Power Limited is an authorized distributor for AdvertCharger brand charging solutions and accessories. We are based in Hong Kong and our details are as follows:

                   Address:     1/F., Hang Lung House,
                                                188 Queen's Road, Central,
                                                Hong Kong

                    Email:            sales@advertcharger.com